Refresh your investment property for the rental market

By Craig Catley

Maybe you're moving into a new home and rather than selling, want to rent your old Auckland real estate out. Or maybe you've bought an old investment property with plans to fix it up for renting. If either of these sound like you, there are few things you may want to organise to get the best outcome in your investment venture.

Clean and fresh

Potential tenants can tend to be fairly picky – and with every right. As they're wanting to find a new home to settle into, they'll be looking for something that doesn't look too lived-in.

Before putting your rental property on the market, give it a thorough clean. The little details really count here, so make sure you get that mould out from the bathroom grout, and plaster up any dents in the walls that you may have just grown accustomed to.

A new coat of paint around the entire house can effortlessly make a house feel new. While you've got the paintbrush out, it's a good idea to paint the front door as well, as this can improve street appeal.

If your budget allows it, new carpet will be the cherry on top of the touch ups you do to your property. If not, a proper chemical cleaning of existing carpet is a must-do!

Even simple cosmetic renovations like a fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference to your rental property.

No cold nor mould

It is compulsory for landlords to provide an insulation statement disclosing the quality of insulation of a property to potential tenants, so that they may make an informed decision. On top of this, from 1 July 2019, all New Zealand rental homes will be required to have proper insulation. Ceiling and underfloor insulation must be present and in adequate condition.

So, even if your house already has insulation, you'll need to check that it's up to scratch, and organise a comprehensive insulation statement before renting your house out. You'll also want to make sure that safe ventilation of the house is possible – window stays are perfect for this.

Get renting

To take off some of the stress of being a landlord, consider hiring a property manager to take the lead on getting the rental returns you've prepared your property for.

A property manager will advertise your house, liaise with potential tenants, and carry out inspections to ensure your investment is being looked after.

If you're ready to have your rental property help in achieving your financial goals, get in touch with us at Ray White Takapuna today.

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