Summer Spritz

By Tyler Broughton

Chin, chin. Kampai. Salud. Cheers!
However you say it, here’s cheers to summer and here’s cheers to creating fabulous cocktails and mocktails at home. But before you build your drink, consider building a bar cart – a place where your barware, spirits and specialty glasses can sit stylishly on display and within easy reach.

Cocktails are no longer the domain of small bars and hotel lobbies – you can create exceptional cocktails at home, with a little bit of know how and the right equipment. Start with the drinks trolley, this will set the tone for the style of your equipment and glassware. Art deco inspired gold and glass carts create a more formal look, whereas timber, steel and colour can make for a fun, relaxed alternative.

Think about the beverages you will enjoy the most and build your glassware and barware collection around that. There’s no point having lots of Martini glasses if you love a Moscow Mule! Make sure you include an ice bucket for easy access, ice will be used in most drinks, and consider tools such as a zester, corkscrew, steel ice cubes (especially if you love your Whisky super neat) and of course, a shaker.

We asked Merivale’s bartending guru, Toby Marshall, of Charlie Parker’s in Paddington for his favourite drink at home this summer. “Grapefruit is always a solid choice for home cocktails. A fresh, session-able, crowd pleasing base that can go with almost anything in your home bar. Mixing it up is easy as it can pair well with many favourite garden herbs or even jalapeños to keep it interesting. For me at home, I keep it simple so I can maintain focus on friends or what’s on the BBQ.”

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