Watch Our Auctions Live

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Watch Our Auctions Live

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We only have one chance to represent your property and we don’t leave anything to chance.

We only have one chance to represent your property and we don’t leave anything to chance.

Unlike many real estate companies, we don’t take a ‘conveyor belt’ approach to auctions, preferring to take our time and work for an outcome that is in the best interests of our clients. Some agencies promote on-site auctions as the best way to sell your property, however, we find that controlling the environment - weather, lack of parking on the street, the neighbour's lawnmower, plus a lack of professional negotiating rooms means the risks are too great.

Our auctions are held in our Takapuna auction rooms at 87 Hurstmere Road at 10.00am every Wednesday. The auctions can also be viewed live online through this link.

When buying or selling property the more knowledge and experience you can gain the better prepared you will be. As well as seeking the expertise of an agent we also advise both sellers and buyers to attend a number of auctions before going through the process themselves. If you want to see our auctioneer Daniel Coulson in action then come along to our Takapuna auction rooms or to one of our Wednesday night auctions at The Sapphire Room, Ponsonby Central, 3.00pm and also take advantage of all the wonderful restaurants and cafes located in Ponsonby Central.

Our Auctioneer

Daniel Coulson has been calling auctions across Auckland and throughout New Zealand for over a decade and is widely recognised as one of the leading auctioneers in both Australia and New Zealand. Having been at the forefront of the competitive residential real estate market throughout multiple market cycles, he is regularly called upon for market analysis and commentary.

Appreciating the importance that comes with each and every auction he calls, Daniel understands that navigating auction day strategy and negotiations is the key to a successful result for every seller he represents. Having worked on behalf of over 5,000 owners when taking their property to the market, representing $4.5 billion worth of sales, he believes that his value not only comes from a comprehensive understanding of real estate fundamentals but the psychology involved in making a purchasing decision.

Daniel has been recognised in the industry by both the Real Estate Institutes of New Zealand and Australia as the Number One Auctioneer in New Zealand three times and the Number One Auctioneer in Australasia twice, among other industry awards. Whilst humbled by these accolades, his ultimate achievement is the successful results he is able to deliver in the local market on a regular basis.

Auction Standard Conditions

Auction – Standard Conditions

Standard Conditions Of Sale and Conduct of Auction as approved by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand Incorporated and by Auckland District Law Society Incorporated.


  • The property and the chattels included in the sale are sold on these Particulars and Conditions of Sale, the General Terms of Sale and any further Terms of Sale.
  • GST will be payable in accordance with the statement of the purchase price in the Memorandum of Contract.
  • The GST date is:
  • The settlement date is:
  • The interest rate for the late settlement is:


  • The property is offered for sale subject to a reserve price and, subject to the reserve price being met, the highest bidder whose bid is accepted by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser.
  • The auctioneer may nominate the sum by which the bidding can be raised.
  • The auctioneer may refuse any bid.
  • The auctioneer or the licensed real estate agent acting for the vendor in respect of the sale may submit a bid on behalf of any person. The auctioneer shall identify a person so acting before the commencement of bidding.
  • The vendor reserves the right to bid personally, by a representative, or through the auctioneer and to withdraw the property at any time before it has been sold and without declaring the reserve price.
  • If a dispute arises concerning any bid, the auctioneer will determine the dispute or re-offer the property at the last undisputed bid.
  • The purchaser shall immediately on the completion of the auction;
    • Sign the memorandum of Contract failing which the auctioneer may sign on behalf of the purchaser.
    • Pay to the vendor's licensed real estate agent the deposit being 10% of the purchase price unless otherwise agreed; and
    • Complete its GST information in Schedule 1, if applicable.

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If you would like to know more about a property or require further information about the local market please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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