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12 May 2022

Thinking of selling your investment property?

Here are some top tips from our Property Management CEO, Aaron.



  1. One of the first things to consider as a landlord selling your property is to decide whether you want it to be marketed as vacant or tenanted. If you choose vacant, this means you can have it staged and have open access to potential buyers. However, if tenanted, be prepared for Covid to possibly derail your marketing campaign - this could mean that open homes are paused, private viewings stopped, and lost momentum.

  2. Under the Residential Tenancies Act, tenants must provide reasonable access to the property throughout the sales process. In reality, what does ‘reasonable access’ actually mean? The key here is for the landlord or the Property Manager to get, in writing, what access the tenant will provide - prior to the start of your marketing campaign. This will ensure you’ll have a seamless campaign with no hiccups. 

  3. It’s really important that your settlement dates match up with the notice periods you’ve set for your tenants. Remember, different scenarios lead to different notice periods and if you don’t get these aligned, it could cause a myriad of issues over the course of your property’s sale.

  4. Ensuring your property is well presented will give you the best chance of a top sales result. We recommend taking over the maintenance of the lawns and gardens throughout the course of your marketing campaign to ensure it looks great - often tenants are responsible for lawn/garden maintenance but might not put in the extra effort that an owner might put in during a sales campaign. Also, consider getting the house washed if it’s been a while - first impressions count.

  5. Whilst you aren’t legally required to reduce the rent while a property is on the market, it can go a long way in getting flexibility and cooperation from your tenants. Happy tenants could mean a tidier house, openness for private viewings, and more open home slots.


Our team of local property managers is always on hand if you would like to chat about your property and the details of getting it ready to sell. Get in touch HERE


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