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3 things to do prior to listing YOUR home…

By Tyler Broughton

Number One: Gardening and Landscaping

First impressions count and could be the difference between whether your house sells, or not. Street appeal is critical. The exterior of your property, especially the front, is the first thing people see. Having a tidy, eye catching garden will attract buyers and give your home personality. One of the most appealing things to a buyer, is a low maintenance garden. Create something that looks very tidy, but easy to maintain. This is an amazing selling point.If the budget allows, consider adding a deck or courtyard area for the ever popular kiwi BBQ. A few small changes can go a long way. Having a good amount of sun around the property is crucial, so trim any trees or hedges down to let in as much sunlight as possible.

Number Two: Exterior House Wash

Having the outside of your house washed will make the world of difference. Potential buyers will be looking at every wall and pathway around the house to make their own judgement on how well maintained a home has been. This sort of work needs to be done properly – do not feel obliged to do this yourself, get professionals in to help! It will cost you less you may think and worth every penny. It will make your home look fresh, tidy and ready for viewings.

Number Three: Removing Unnecessary Items

As prospective purchasers walk through your home, they want to see spacious, tidy and liveable spaces. Removing items that you do not use day to day will create a spacious atmosphere that buyers will fall in love with. Put away personal items, family photographs can prevent  buyers from imagining themselves and their families living in the home. Getting rid of unnecessary items will definitely tidy up the inside and make it stand out from the rest

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