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3 ways to beat the market as a Takapuna vendor

By Craig Catley

We've been living in a sellers market – but for how long? As demand for North Shore real estate slows down and price growth eases off, buyers get a bit more leverage in transactions. After all, when less people are competing for your property, it's harder to make sure you get a premium price for your assets.

However, there are a few ways to retain an advantage when the market shifts towards buyers. Here's how to make it happen.

Keep your maintenance top drawer

In QV's latest release on property values, Auckland homevalue manager James Steele noted that certain homes would always be in hot demand – those with great maintenance.

"Record prices are still being achieved for well-positioned and well-maintained properties," he stated.

A good landscaping job with great maintenance can make a huge difference to a sale.

For many Auckland properties, showcasing great maintenance is difficult – what makes one two-bedroom CBD apartment better-maintained than another? But with North Shore property, you have an opportunity to show off your skills that many central suburbs don't offer.

Our larger back yard and garden areas offer opportunities to invest in a landscaper, or even spend a weekend tidying up your lawn. These opportunities can make a huge first impression which can translate into stronger demand for your home.

Highlight your location

Buying North Shore property means securing a home that comes with a fantastic locale and lifestyle. As Steele noted above, well-positioned homes are consistently on the radar of Auckland house hunters.

Good Real Estate agents like our team at Ray White Takapuna understand the value of this, and will incorporate it into your marketing campaign. Beyond simply "property is located in X suburb" statements, highlighting a home's positioning can extend to focusing on orientation, proximity to bus and train stops, parks, schools and shopping centres within walking distance and more. Vendors should also factor in what they can see – expansive views will make or break many deals.

What's on your doorstep can be just as important as what's in your home.

Location is a cliche property feature for good reason – it really is everything. Understanding the value in where your home is positioned can help you present a property that people will be lining up out the door to purchase.

Get impartial advice

Getting a great price on your North Shore property also means working exclusively with professionals. There have been stories of people accepting lowball offers on their Auckland property without seeking out independent advice – you owe it to yourself to make sure you get the full picture.

This doesn't just mean working with the exemplary agents at Ray White Takapuna, although that's a pretty good place to start. You're dealing with a big transaction and a lot of paperwork – you'll need a conveyancer, and perhaps a separate legal professional to look over binding contracts.

Make sure your agent presents in-depth research when they suggest a price to list your home at, and don't let anything pass without independent scrutiny. Your home is your most valuable asset – don't let it sell for anything less than it's worth.

You know where to find us 

Selling a home can be scary for many people, they're letting go of something they've owned for their entire life. But being involved with the process and openly communicating with the professionals is a great way to ensure you get everything you deserve out of the process. 

Find what makes your home unique – every property has its selling points. If you aren't sure what yours are, or don't know where to start with selling on the North Shore, we're here to take the stress out of it. Give us a call

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