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3 ways to keep happy tenants in your North Shore property rental

By Craig Catley

Keeping your tenants happy is key to maximising returns on your North Shore property rental. Satisfied and comfortable tenants are more likely to stay long term, so taking care to make the property the best it can be will ensure that you won't have to go periods without income.

Make it warm, keep it dry

A cold and damp home is not desirable for anyone. This is an area you should investigate before you have tenants take up residence. Primarily, you'll want to find out the extent of the house's insulation, prioritizing the ceiling and underfloor.

Keep an eye out for any spots of mould as these usually develop in areas susceptible to dampness, and will require some attention. A damp home can cause sick tenants. If you are renting your piece of Auckland real estate to a young family, a sick child can be a handful for the parents, with doctor's visits and days taken off work. It's also unlikely they'll want to stay if their health is suffering.

Making sure the home is warm and dry throughout even the most chilling of winters will keep your tenants comfortable, happy and interested in staying as long as possible.

Young families want a warm and dry home to stay healthy and happy during winter.

Pets are family too

Are you an animal person? Maybe not, but your perfect tenants might be. Being able to bring the family dog or cat to the new residence can make or break your property for many tenants. There are a couple of advantages to allowing pets, if you're ready to move on the matter.

Renters are generally happy to pay a little bit more in order to have their companions move house with them. In turn, they will know they are on to a good thing and want to stay in your property as long as possible.

If you're concerned about moulting, fleas or undesirable 'gifts' left on the lawn, it's perfectly normal to write additional animal-related clauses into the contract. You might require your tenant to have the carpets professionally cleaned or otherwise remove any traces of their pet prior to them moving out. Most pet owners will be happy with these conditions as pets are like family, and they won't want to leave anyone behind.

Maintain trust and value with prompt maintenance

Responsible landlords and property managers will be sure that everything in the house works before finding tenants. From locks and taps all the way up to the light fixtures, you'll want to make sure the people living in your house have everything they need in their North Shore home.

If something breaks, it's in your best interest to acknowledge the situation and work towards a solution as quickly as possible. While most residents enjoy some degree of autonomy, when they do require you, it will almost always be as soon as possible. Fixing any issues that might arise is essential to keeping your tenants happy.

If you require advice about your Takapuna property, get in contact with the team at Ray White today.

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