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How can plants make your home more attractive to buyers?

By Craig Catley

Are you thinking about selling your home, but don't know how to make it stand out from the crowd? You'll want it to feel as fresh and exciting as possible for anybody walking through the open home – potential buyers are looking to be inspired by your home so they can see themselves living there in the future.

To bring some life to your home, consider adding some indoor plants. They don't have to be sprawling all over your walls, but a smaller pot plant on a side table or an orchid in your kitchen can really add another dimension to your home.

What sorts of plants are good for the indoors?

Bright plants with large green leaves are the obvious choice. The same goes for plants that don't require a lot of care, and those that grow according to the size of the pot they're in. For example, a succulent like Donkey's Tail doesn't need a lot of water or trimming, and it looks great hanging off the edge of a desk or a table.

Simple green leaves can bring an interior space to life.

If you're after something a little more vibrant or dominant, try the Fiddle-leaf Fig. It stands tall and has a medium spread of large leaves. This plant would look great in the corner of a room that doesn't have any other decorations. Some plants also act as air purifiers, sucking the formaldehyde and other impurities out of the air. For a nicer atmosphere (beyond just looking good), try a plant like Devil's Ivy.

Particularly for the home office, some equipment can emit toxic compounds such as formaldehyde, which can be dangerous in large quantities. To ensure your home office is a safe environment, make sure to include a plant that purifies the air. Another option for this type of plant is the Spider Plant. This species can grow with little watering and maintenance – all it needs is sunlight. Over time, they start to produce smaller shoots and flowers, which can brighten up a space for an open home.

Can they act as features?

Plants aren't just for small decorations – they can also be major features in a space. If you have a wall that you want to bring to life, try adding a long planter box and using a hanging plant to break up the blank space.

A low-maintenance plant in an office can make a lot of difference.

Buyers may not want to have hanging plants themselves, but it'll be far nicer to see a space that's engaging and exciting. Plants need natural light to thrive as well, and buyers want as much natural light as possible in their homes.

Other plants that are good for air quality, and are large enough to be a feature in a room, include the Areca Palm, the Lady Palm, and the Dragon Tree. These all grow to be tall, are easy to maintain, branch out to cover a large space, and succeed in small pots. That's another way you can brighten up a space – by choosing a colourful pot to plant your new feature in. Need a dash of bright colour to contrast with a plant? Make your pot do the work.

In order to sell your home, you'll need to present it in the best way possible – try putting a few plants in your rooms, keep it fresh and simple, or contact the team at Ray White Takapuna today for more inspirational techniques to get your home ready for buyers.

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