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How to get the best price when you sell

By Craig Catley

Does familiarity breed complacency with a North Shore property sale? Many vendors have lived in their home for a decade or more, meaning they only see it a certain way. That downstairs room is always the office, the outdoor seating always goes in a certain place, and why would you move the furniture?

However, to get the best price in a sale, you have to present a fresh take on your home – you're not selling your own lifestyle, you're selling the potential for buyers to live their own. Todd Hinchco sheds light on how to get the best out of a home.

Blasting for brightness

"Kiwis love the outdoors," Todd says, "and that means highlighting yours as much as possible".

"Trees can always be cut back a bit further"

"Any investment in your outdoor area can go a long way for your buyers. Small changes such as trimming your trees back can open up visual space in your garden and allow a lot more natural light into your home."

"Waterblasting helps too – half a day doing your home's exterior and outdoor concrete gives everything a shine that makes your home look brand-new."

Sell more than your North Shore property

To get a great deal on a sale, you have to think about why you are selling. As Todd notes, many vendors around Takapuna are downsizing and looking for something a bit newer, a bit smaller.

"Part of the all-important decluttering process is getting rid of furniture – opening up space in living areas. The more floor you can see, the bigger a room is going to seem. But vendors need to think about where that furniture is going to go. You can store it in the garage or attic space, or even at a friend's house – but if you're storing it at home, will it take up space in another room that people want to see at its best?"

The more of the floor you can see, the more space you'll create.

"A lot of the time, the marketing process is a good period to think about what you want to take to your next home. You may find a lot of those appliances and furniture can be sold on before your home is."

Use an agent with the know-how

"Data is everywhere, which means everyone has some idea of market worth these days," Todd explains. "Our job is to get people a great price on their home, which means convincing buyers that a North Shore property is worth the investment."

"We have to be impeccable with our market data, find up-to-date sales information and bring in as many people as possible. The more people there are, the greater the competition and often the end price – especially at auction."

If you want the best price for your North Shore property, you need fresh eyes. Use the real estate agents that know how to do it right – talk to the team at Ray White Takapuna.

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