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How to get your North Shore property ready for market

By Craig Catley

Getting your North Shore property ready for sale is going to be a pretty big task if you don't approach it in the right way. It's always worth taking the time to speak with an agent on these matters, but there are a few things you can do early on to get the most out of your selling experience.

Distinguish your house from your home

For many of us, thinking about our house isn't thinking about the structure or design. We often think of our houses as extensions of ourselves. So when we look around the property, we see the personal touches we added, the memories that were made, and the relationships that were fostered there. These might be what make your home truly yours, but these are far from what potential buyers will see when they step through the doors.

Take a step back and remove your influence and personality from your property before you sell. Not only will you find yourself in a more appropriate emotional state for saying goodbye to your house, but it's the best way to draw out potential problem areas.

To you, everything has it's place – to others this may just be clutter. You love having your cat inside – but a stranger might only notice the litter box. You love the dense shrubbery around the patio – but buyers might see an overgrown jungle. Rose-tinted glasses will only get you so far towards preparing your house for sale. Try to separate yourself and scrutinize the place. This also has the added benefit of presenting more of a blank slate for potential buyers – the less of you they can see in the home, the more they can see of themselves.

Your unique storage system might make sense to you, but it's not really playing to your house's strengths.

The tiniest details can make a world of difference

Cleaning, landscaping and minor repairs are going to be huge priorities for you the closer you get to your open home, but there are number of much smaller things you may be yet to consider that will leave an impression on prospective buyers.

Check out your house number on your letterbox or near the front door. If the number isn't clear, a lick of paint or polish, even a nice new set of numbers will make it stand out. It'll make your house easy to identify and more memorable to those buying on the North Shore.

Consider the smells of your home. Smells can be very overwhelming to senses, and lingering scents can make a far greater impression than you might think. Be especially mindful of what you're cooking before you have potential buyers through your home. Bacon, for example, may leave your home smelling like a fast food joint – not exactly a valuable association.

There may be a great deal of landscaping to complete, but one thing you should consider is planting some yellow flowers in key areas around the front of your property. Yellow supposedly evokes hope, happiness and a desire to spend. A few yellow pansies or polyanthuses [use the could make all the difference.

Start thinking about how foot traffic will move through your house during an open home. Maybe you'll need to shift any furniture that inhibits flow between rooms. Many agents will advise hiring a storage locker for excess furniture – stay on top of things by planning what will stay and what will go.

Don't underestimate a welcome mat. Since this is literally part of the doorway to your home (and a buyer's possible new one), a nice and clean mat establishes a good impression from the get-go. This miniscule investment will help prospects to see your home in the most positive light.

For more advice about selling on the North Shore, speak to one of our expert agents today.

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