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How to sell your North Shore property this upcoming season

By Craig Catley

Are you thinking about selling your home this coming autumn? It’s a great time to get everything ready for sale. You can do a thorough clean, and even count on the weather to hold up so you can be out in the garden, making your exterior look its best.

The median house price on the North Shore to the end of January was $1,214,291.

No matter what the weather does this autumn, it’s still vital that you choose the right agent to work with, and that you take into account all the market considerations at the time. For example, the median house price on the North Shore to the end of January was $1,214,291. This has increased by a whopping 12.5 per cent over the last 12 months, and might be putting some people off buying. However, it’s also good news for you if you find the right buyer for your home.

Capitalising on the current market on the North Shore

One of the biggest factors that can determine how successful your home sale will be is the street appeal, and the asking price, according to a Stuff article from August 2010. Back in December 2013, QV data shows that the median house price on the North Shore was just $820,459 – if you bought at the median price just over three years ago, and you sell at the current median price, you could see over $400,000 in capital gains!

However, if you set your asking price too high, you might not get as much interest from potential buyers. If they think you’re asking too much, they may simply walk away, without even seeing all the hard work you’ve put into preparing your beautiful home for sale!

Image from Takapuna Beach

Entice buyers during open homes

A vital factor in making sure people come and see your home is to have a clean and inviting facade. When people see a photo or walk past in the street and notice a scruffy and unkempt house, they’ll think there’s a lot of work to do to make sure the place is up to their standards. Spend some time making the front of your home really stand out and people will be enticed into coming inside and having a look around.

Once you’ve got the buyers through the door for an open home, you want to make sure you leave a lasting (and overwhelmingly positive) impression. On a hot day, make sure you’ve got nice air flow with open windows and doors. Keep your decorations light and fresh, and flowers are always a nice touch.

We’ll look after the whole open home, so make sure the place is in the best condition before you leave. That way, you won’t worry about how it’s all going when you’re out, because you’ve put your best foot forward, and the house will ultimately sell itself when the right buyer walks through the door!

For more information about putting your North Shore home on the market, make sure you get in touch with Ray White Takapuna today.

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