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How to take control when you sell North Shore property

By Lewis Guy

What’s the rush? With buyer demand extremely high, many North Shore vendors will feel the pressure to sell their home as quickly as possible. However, that can mean you end up short-changed.

Lewis Guy is a licensee salesperson with the Ray White Takapuna team who has been working in the sector for more than 18 years. He’s seen his fair share of vendors that struggle with keeping a handle on their property sale – especially when they feel under pressure or are not kept in the loop. We got his thoughts on how to make a North Shore sale run as smoothly as possible.

How can you make a North Shore sale run smoothly?

1) Timing is everything

“We’re in a situation with really high demand in a lot of parts of the North Shore”, Lewis says. “But we still have a duty of care to make sure the vendor gets the best result possible when they sell – we can’t just leap at the first offer that comes in.”

For Lewis, that means taking his time with the length of the sale process.

“I’m not a strong believer in a three week campaign – it can be dangerous, vendors can miss out on a lot of great opportunities and we need to punch as high as we can for the vendor. With a four week campaign, you give a home much better exposure, and can slow down the process. It’s about helping the vendor stay in control of what’s happening – in a three week sale, it’s easy to fall behind what’s happening.”

2) Information and communication

Another thing Lewis believes is crucial for helping vendors feel comfortable is open communication about how the sale is progressing.

“Weekly meetings with vendors is important for me. I’ll give them written reports on how the sale is going, how many interested parties there are, what any offers are that have come in, even what the engagement on social media has been like. I also do longer open homes than a lot of agents, which gives me more feedback to bring to the vendor.”

“I’m here to help people get the very best when they want to sell.”

“From there we can work out if auction or tender is going to be the best way forward. I’m not here to make a quick buck – I’m here to help people get the very best when they want to sell. That means keeping them fully informed, in control and having input on how things go.”

This doesn’t just apply to the sale. Lewis believes a good agent should help the vendor with any issues they are facing moving out – be that letting go of their emotional attachment, or even finding a new home before they sign off on a deal.

3) Taking it outdoors

“Everyone knows kitchens and bathrooms are big ticket items for buyers,” Lewis notes. “But on the North Shore in particular, I think good gardens are really under-appreciated. Doing this right will often fetch a premium from house hunters.”

“Once people see that a home is well-presented on the outside, they have a much easier time envisaging a great interior.”

“Once people see that a home is well-presented on the outside, they have a much easier time envisaging a great interior. But the other way around, even if your interiors look great, I find that poorly landscaped outdoor areas will stick in the mind of buyers.”

“Sometimes it’s as simple as paint or using a water blaster, other times it’s worth hiring a landscaper to completely redo your lawn. It’s a popular thing to do in places like Remuera, but hasn’t quite caught on up here – I feel buyers will definitely pay a premium for it.”

Staying in control of your sale is important. For Lewis, he sees the sale as more than business – it’s about building a relationship up with a vendor and helping them feel confident about what is happening. If you’re ready to get in control of your sale, talk to the team at Ray White Takapuna.

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