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Selling your North Shore property requires more than just good timing

By Michael Su

Are you thinking about selling your North Shore home this year? If so, you’ve probably considered what the best ways to get the best returns are – and of course, the time of year and the season makes a big difference. No matter when you sell, you can fetch a great price for your home, and see sound capital gains if you have the right agent on the job.

We recently sat down with Michael Su, a licensee salesperson from Ray White Takapuna, to discuss the current North Shore property market, and what people should consider before making the big decision to sell their home.

How is the North Shore property market performing?

When it comes to the current market, Michael says that people shouldn’t pay too much attention to the media. There hasn’t been much downturn in recent times, so anyone looking to sell will see good demand for their home.

“The overall North Shore market is still tracking quite nicely, but obviously it depends because no two properties are the same. Despite what the media is reporting, things haven’t slowed down too much. It’s currently coming into one of our busiest months – March is when people have had a bit of time over Christmas and summer to figure out where they’re at financially and are more likely to buy hot property.”

Once people have recovered from the holiday season, they can figure out their financial situation.

After recovering from the busy holiday season, and with the usual later warm months in Auckland, it’s no surprise that February and March are some of the busiest for the real estate market.

“In terms of first-time buyers, the reality in Auckland is that prices are high compared to the rest of the country,” continued Michael.

“There are still good first homes to be found in Beach Haven and Northcote areas – there are deals out there for people who do the research.”

Are there any areas that perform better for sellers at this time of year?

With the Auckland housing market becoming more and more expensive, some people think buyers are being turned away from making a move right now. However, in the right areas, that’s not the case. Those sellers who are realistic with the current state of the market and price their house competitively are usually seeing homes sold more quickly.

“Northcote Point is a nice area – and it’s tightly held by local owners. You’ll find that there aren’t too many properties that come on the market at once. It’s a sought-after area when these homes do go to market.

The North Shore has plenty of suburbs that offer an attractive lifestyle for buyers – no matter the time of year.

“Anyone looking to sell in Northcote Point needs to find the right agent who has sold in the area before. An agent who knows it well and has experience with buyers who like the area has the best chance of understanding the market and finding you the right buyer, like myself.”

What should people looking to sell focus on in 2017?

No matter the current market situation, there are always going to be people looking to sell their homes. Aside from choosing an agent who has experience in a particular area, or a sunny season, your choice in marketing, how you stand out and how you present the home also matter.

“For someone looking to sell right now, one of the important factors you need to consider is marketing. You need your property to stand out in order to attract the most potential buyers, and the best way to do that is to book a custom and strategic marketing plan for your property.” stated Michael.

One of the factors in a successful sale is marketing – but it’s not the only one.

“Depending on the type of property, it may be better suited to negotiation or tender rather than the auction process. In saying that, we’ve had tremendous success across different methods of sale. No matter how you choose to sell your home, the marketing has to be right so you’re casting a wide enough net to catch all potential buyers.

“One of the things Ray White Takapuna does is run an extensive door-knocking campaign. Once your home is listed, we door-knock 100 nearby homes, which lets the neighbours know your place is on the market. They might have friends and family looking to move into the area, so it’s another method of bringing in as many buyers as possible.”

For more help getting the sale of your home right, or to discuss the best time to sell your current North Shore property, get in touch with Ray White Takapuna today.

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