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Top tips for selling your home in the winter

By Craig Catley

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and the sun doesn’t light up our houses in quite the same way. Winter is coming in New Zealand, and anyone looking to sell their home might be cowering in fear. That doesn’t have to be the case, though, as selling in winter doesn’t necessarily mean buyers aren’t going to pay what you want.

In fact, by preparing your home for sale and making sure you get the right people coming through the door, you’ll have just as much chance of making a sale as any other time of the year. Make sure you do get your North Shore home in the right shape for selling though, because you might be able to add a little extra value.

You don’t necessarily want to sell a house in the same way that you live in a house, according to expert property stager Nerissa Kirby, speaking to Stuff.

“I work with people’s subconscious. I make the house something they can imagine living in. I try to make it a home that looks nice, but within reach. I don’t make it a home that people look at and think, ‘I could never afford the nice things in here’.”

If you decide to change the layout of your home, make sure you aren’t going to put buyers off by making them think their own furniture wouldn’t fit in the space in the same way. Create a room that people can imagine living in. This might mean removing some of your personal belongings, which can free up some floor or wall space and create the feeling of more room.

“Selling a house is all about letting go,” continued Nerissa.

“I recommend to people that they rent storage space while they are trying to sell to put all their extra clutter into. It’s a big emotional process. By taking things away, you are starting the process.”

Creating a fresh space in your home is one strategy for selling in winter.

Making the most of the cooler weather

One major difference to selling in summer is that the weather might not always be on your side – but that doesn’t have to be a disadvantage.

If it’s raining or particularly cold during an open home on the picturesque North Shore, create an inviting environment for your potential buyers. Turn on the heaters and even light a fire if you have one. Use every feature of the home that you can to make sure people know it can be warm and inviting even on the coldest days of the year. That’s not something you can do in the warmer months.

For more information about selling your North Shore home this winter, make sure you get in touch with the local selling experts at Ray White Takapuna.

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