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What are the questions on the lips of every North Shore buyer?

By Todd Hinchco

What do buyers want? That’s the question for sellers on the North Shore, but it’s a hard one to answer. Everyone has different tastes and goals, which means different types of North Shore homes with different features will appeal to different people.

However, there are some common threads in what buyers look for when they want to buy real estate around Takapuna. And fortunately, you don’t need to be a mind reader to work out what they are. At Ray White Takapuna, we’re passionate about listening to everyone we meet and working out what they’re looking for. One of our team, Todd Hinchco, told us a bit more about buyer desires.

Location is important – but it isn’t everything

Todd believes that the first item on the dream home list that buyers will compromise on is location. “Everyone has a list of ten things they definitely want to have in a home,” Todd says. “If we can find a home that ticks off at least six or seven of these, they will almost always be over the moon with it.”

“When we find people their dream property, they’re often more than happy to buy even if it’s a few suburbs over. We’ve had many buyers looking specifically at buying in Takapuna, but we found them something perfect in Castor Bay and they’ve leapt at the opportunity.”

With the high quality of diverse homes on the North Shore, buyers can find a dream home that meets all of their requirements across any of the suburbs we cover. However, there’s one thing North Shore buyers want that location does play an important part in – schools.

Buyers often need schools

Carmel College, Rangitoto College, Takapuna Grammar, Milford School, Northcote College and Westlake Boys & Girls high schools. These are the big names in education on the North Shore, and schools that buyers want to be close to.

The top quality schools on the North Shore are a big drawcard for buyers.

“Most of the schools on the North Shore aren’t necessarily zoned, but people still want to live close by,” Todd says. “Primary schools are a big thing too. People will compromise and go for a smaller house than they initially wanted if it gives them educational stability for their children, nobody wants to live far away or have to change schools when they move.”

Buyers prefer certain materials

Location and schools are big things that buyers want, but the minutiae can also be important.

“Longevity is key for a lot of house hunters.”

“One small thing we find a lot of buyers don’t like is things like wooden window frames,” Todd says. “Give it three years, and wooden windows need fresh paint, or even replacement. Aluminium fittings, on the other hand, they can last as long as 20 years. Longevity is key for a lot of house hunters, they’re setting up a family here. Plaster houses are something that buyers will usually try and avoid.”

“This will change in certain suburbs though. Northcote Point, Devonport – these are areas populated with grand character homes, and people will focus less on details than having a property that really makes a statement. Foreign buyers in particular, we find there’s a real interest in purchasing brick-based North Shore property.”

Take your home to the buyer

In the Auckland market, properties tend to sell themselves thanks to high demand. But to get the most out of a sale and achieve the highest possible price, you have to know what buyers want, and how to market to them. Todd’s insight into the North Shore buying market is just a glimpse of what our team can offer anyone looking to sell. Whether you want more information about how much people pay for four bedrooms versus three, or just have to know which suburbs are zoned for Long Bay College, talk to our team of agents – we’ll help you out.

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