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What does the average New Zealand household look like?

By Craig Catley

Do you know who will buy your North Shore property?

Eventually, most of us will move on from the home we live in. It might be downsizing, upsizing or simply choosing greener pastures to live in. However, you can't make a great sale unless you know the people who are lining up to buy.

At Ray White Takapuna, we pride ourselves on working hard and understanding exactly who is looking for property. It means we can market to buyers who are more likely to make an offer on your home, closing out a profit for you rather than wasting everyone's time by marketing to uninterested parties.

That all starts with understanding what our households look like – here's a taste of New Zealand's homes at a glance.

Our households are getting smaller

Across the nation, the average household size is 2.7 people

Statistics New Zealand notes that across the nation, the average household size is 2.7 people – roughly the same over the last 10 years. In Auckland, this figure is slightly higher, at 3.0. In the long run, however, this has steadily decreased.

On the North Shore specifically, Auckland Council's data shows a growing trend towards smaller households. In 2015:

  • One-resident households made up 20.6 per cent of the population.
  • Two-resident households made up 32 per cent.
  • Three-resident households made up 18.8 per cent.
  • Four-resident households made up 17.2 per cent.

Based on this data, at least 52 per cent of North Shore households had two people or fewer – lower than the national average (57 per cent). It suggests that while those with smaller North Shore properties (two to three bedrooms) will have strong demand from buyers, our part of Auckland in particular is always going to appeal to large families – in no small part due to the strength of our local schools. This is showcased in approximately 45 per cent of North Shore households having children.

Despite small households, North Shore properties are big

With around 50,000 homes on the North Shore, you'd expect there to be some variety in our property market. And there is – but not in the way you might think based on the household data.

Couples make up a large part of the North Shore's buying demographic.

While households tend to be on the small side, the property sizes are much larger. The Auckland Council data shows that:

  • 46.3 per cent of homes have three bedrooms.
  • 21.5 per cent have four bedrooms.
  • 20.1 per cent have two bedrooms.
  • 5.5 per cent have five bedrooms.
  • 5.1 per cent have one bedroom.
  • 1.0 per cent have six bedrooms.

So even though more than half of North Shore households are one or two people, these are not people looking for the bare minimum in their homes. This suggests that North Shore buyers want more than a place to sleep and eat – they're after an abundance of space.

Who wants what when?

This paints a fairly broad picture of the North Shore's property buying demographics, we know – there just isn't the room here to break down every single aspect of NZ households. For example, did you know that in the 25-44 age group men make up 58 per cent of those living by themselves, but in the over-65 bracket women make up 68.7 per cent?

There are many different facets to breaking down households in an area, but it's an important task if you want to sell property. Marketing a four bedroom villa to a local audience made up of downsizers isn't going to be effective, just as advertising $1.5 million homes to Generation Rent won't secure a lot of leads.

With the in-depth research we do at Ray White Takapuna, you'll get all of the information and guidance you need to make a great sale.

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