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What landlords need to know for rental inspections

By Craig Catley

If you're not using a property management team for your North Shore rental property, you'll have many responsibilities – including keeping your home in top shape. One of the most important parts of this is conducting inspections of the property, but it absolutely has to be done right. 

What to look for

You'll be inspecting the whole property but there will be a couple of things you'll be looking for. Firstly, you'll be looking at the amenities that you've provided; the oven, the shower, or the heat pump. Generally your tenants are able to point out problem areas, but it's worth checking all of these things just to be sure.

Secondly, you'll be looking for anything that stands out to you as a potential issue. Tenants will have different requirements for different properties, and these will be outlined in the tenancy agreement. An inspection is a good time to double check that your tenants are holding up their end of the deal – keeping the house clean and tidy as well as anything specific to this agreement.

If you're tenants are required to fix anything up, you can reinspect at an agreed time.

Legal requirements of inspections

As a landlord, you will be required to give the tenants 48 hours notice before an inspection, however you can give them up to 14 days notice if you desire. While Tenancy Services outlines that inspections can take place any time between 8am and 7pm, it's generally best to contact your tenant and find out when will be best for them. It's generally better to undertake the inspection during the day, as natural light makes it easier to view the exterior of the house.

In some cases, you might ask the residents of your rental to give something a quick clean or tidy up, and in those situations you can arrange a re-inspection. You're provided to give them the same 48 hour notice for checking back. A property can only be inspected once in any period of four weeks.

Courtesy goes a long way

Your tenant doesn't have to be home when you do the inspection, but it's good to ask if they would like to be. If they cannot or choose not to be there for the inspection, you should find out if they have any particular areas they would like you to look at for the purposes of maintenance or repairs.

You may need to take some photos to show your tenant areas you are referring to, or to have in case of a later dispute. Where possible you should avoid taking photos that feature personal items belonging to the tenant.

If you're happy with how the tenant is looking after your property, then you should thank them. It goes a long way and can help to foster a good relationship. For the same reason, it's good to encourage feedback from your tenants.

Property inspections can be a tough job, but you can take the stress out of the process by using a property manager. To find out more about rental management services from Ray White Takapuna , get in contact with our team today.

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