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Why your home should have a fabulous foyer

By Craig Catley

Does your current home have a fun and inviting entrance? If your foyer isn’t a focal point, people aren’t going to get the best first impression possible. If you’re about to list and want to give yourself the best chance of selling, make sure your entryway is in tip-top condition.

Foyers big and small can be designed and decorated to bring a unique touch to your home, and set the mood for anyone walking into your property. What are the best ways to bring your foyer to life?

Decorating a small entryway for a big first impression

When you don’t have a lot of room to work with, it might seem difficult to create a functional space in your foyer. With only a couple of square metres, you can add a place for your keys, a shelf for your shoes and a vibrant piece of art to create a memorable entrance.

Think outside the box for your small entry space!

You don’t need an entire hotel lobby to make the foyer in your home exciting and enticing. All you need is some creativity. First, find a piece of art that you love. If it’s too big, it’ll dominate the space and make the foyer feel crowded. On the other hand, you’re unlikely to find something too small. Choose a piece that really speaks to you, and give it pride of place. Underneath, install something simple like a nice piece of wood as a bench, or add a high-standing table. Put a basket or a cool bowl on this and you’ve got a place for your keys. This is also a great place to have fresh flowers (great for open homes).

Flowers on a funky piece of furniture could completely change the feel of your foyer.

What about for a bigger space?

The more floor and wall area you have, the more impact you’ll need from your decorations. Essentially, do the opposite as you’d do for a small space. Buy a piece of art that’s bigger than you feel you need. A piece that’s too small will be lost in too big a room. Add a larger table to use as a functional centre of the foyer, and only display big, beautiful flowers on it. Nothing small, nothing understated.

If you’re working with a large foyer space, fill it with stately items.

Your bigger entrance will require bigger design inspiration, but you can experiment and change things up over time. Getting tired of your foyer a few months after you changed the design? Change it again, and bring a fresh flavour to the first impression of your home!

For more information about designing a functional foyer in your North Shore home, or to talk about selling, get in touch withRay White Takapuna today.

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