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Your guide to selling North Shore property in winter

By Michael Su

Winter is generally viewed as a time when North Shore real estate activity slows down. The sun goes down early, the days are colder, and homes are often not given their best light.

But, as Ray White Takapuna's Michael Su points out, vendors can still make the most of winter if they know how.

Understand your market

"Everyone has their own reason for buying or selling," Michael says. "The winter market is actually really beneficial for a lot of people – you get a lot more serious buyers, and far fewer passive ones. The people who are out at open homes on colder days, those are the buyers who mean business."

"We help people sell homes no matter what season it is – that's just part of the real estate experience. While a lot of investors might wait until spring, families that have already sold their home are an example of the committed buyers you can see in winter."

Keep up the upkeep 

The cold and damp of winter can make cleaning up and preparing for sale a bit more arduous than usual – but Michael believes buyers appreciate that work even more in the colder months.

"Buyers often aren't just making a purchase in winter – they're moving in during winter too. Making your home stand out by utilising your heating options and a well-presented garden shows buyers they don't need to do any work to make it feel like home."

Highlighting winter-friendly features is a must.

"For winter sales, that really extends to odours too. It's easy for homes to smell damp or musty, so going the extra mile to stay on top of this with maintenance, even putting on a pot of coffee for added aroma – it all adds up."

"Buyers are looking at upwards of 10 properties per day in some cases. Winter-specific ways of standing out will make your home stick in their mind- you don't have to spend a fortune on cleaners either, just a bit of elbow grease keeping up with your usual tasks."

Beat the cold with the right real estate agents

"It's amazing, what little touches can do for a home that's up for sale," Michael adds. "Because of the nature of winter, it's easy for extractor fans to fall by the wayside, gutters to get a bit clogged, trees to grow just a little bit too much."

"Our team is great at looking at those little things owners might not see, and suggesting fine tuning that can open up a space, add a lot of light, and just change the entire way a home feels."

If you don't want to wait for spring to sell your North Shore property, make sure you use the experts. Get in touch with the team at Ray White Takapuna today.

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